Educational Quality Improvement Strategic Planning Committee (EQI SPC)

Welcome to the School of Medicine’s Educational Quality Improvement Strategic Planning Committee webpage! Here you will find information about the EQI SPC  including meeting schedules, strategic plans, membership rosters, and meeting minutes.

The EQISP Committee, led by co-chairs Darryl Potyk and Mark Whipple, is charged with ensuring UWSOM  is meeting its educational goals for medical student programs and achieving excellence and innovation in our learning programs. This translates to tracking metrics to meet our strategic plan goals, monitoring accreditation standards and areas in need of improvement, providing guidance and recommendations to school leadership on improvements to our programs and ensuring integration of teaching, research and patient care activities within the Medical Student Education Program.

The UWSOM Medical Student Education Program Strategic Plan was rewritten and approved in March 2022. To learn more about the mission, vision, values, and strategic priorities, you can view the plan here.

Tania BardynAssociate Dean & Director Health Sciences LibraryVoting
Sarah BuschMedical StudentVoting
Michael CampionDirector of Academic and Learning TechnologiesVoting
Danielle ErvinMedical StudentVoting
Sam FredmanMedical StudentVoting
Kiran GillClinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, UWSOM Foundations GuideVoting
Cindy HamraAssociate Dean, Operations & Administration, GMEVoting
Kristen HaywardAssociate Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and RheumatologyVoting
Davia LorenAssociate Professor, Department of PediatricsVoting
Matt LumsdenMedical StudentVoting
Zachary MatskoMedical StudentVoting
Maggie PhillipsMedical StudentVoting
Darryl PotykAssociate Dean for Eastern Washington, UWSOM;
Chief for Medical Education, UWSOM-Gonzaga University Regional Health Partnership; 
Associate Program Director, Providence Internal Medicine Residency Spokane
Leonida RadfordMedical StudentVoting
Ali RavanpayAssociate Professor, Department of Neurological SurgeryVoting
Karen SegersonClinical Associate Professor, Department of MedicineVoting
David ShermanProfessor and Chair,
Department of Microbiology
Skyler SmithMedical StudentVoting
Mike SpinelliAssociate Director, Montana WWAMI
Associate Professor
Mark WhippleMedical Director, OSCE;
Professor, Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery;
Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics & Medical Education
Suzanne AllenVice Dean for Academic, Rural and Regional AffairsEx-Officio
Sara KimAssociate Dean for Educational Quality Improvement;
Research Professor, Department of Surgery;
George G. B. Bilsten Professor in the Art of Communication with Peers
and Patients
Bessie YoungVice Dean, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and Medical Director, Office of Healthcare Equity;
Director, Justice, Equity, and Inclusion, Center for Transformational Research

Mission Statement

The University of Washington School of Medicine Medical Student Education Program will improve the health of the public by educating inquisitive, compassionate, physicians who serve the evolving healthcare needs of the diverse individuals while striving for healthcare justice and equity.

Vision Statement

Empowering students to become the physicians they aspire to be through innovative regional medical education.


The UWSOM MSEP Values will be integrated within our strategic priorities, outcomes, and decision- making to guide our path forward.

  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Respect
  • Stewardship
  • Student Engagement & Leadership
Strategic Priorities

In order to achieve our Mission and Vision and to serve our students well, the MSEP will focus on the following Strategic Priorities over the next 5 years. These will be key drivers that drive us towards our Mission and Vision in an outcomes-based manner.

  • Optimize the Medical Student Education Program governance structure and align resources to meet regional needs.
  • Foster collaborative and innovative regional medical education that recognizes the attributes of regional sites.
  • Become an inclusive and antiracist medical student education program that dismantles all types of oppression in the learning environment.
  • Instill a continuous quality improvement culture throughout UWSOM’s medical student education program.
  • Support faculty and staff education and lifelong learning across the region to optimize teaching outcomes as well as fostering recruitment, retention, and recognition.

2024-2025 Academic Year Meeting Minutes

  • August 1, 2024
  • September 5, 2024
  • October 3, 2024
  • November 7, 2024
  • December 5, 2024
  • January 2, 2025
  • February 6, 2025
  • March 6, 2025
  • April 3, 2025
  • May 1, 2025
  • June 5, 2025

2023-2024 Academic Year Meeting Minutes

2022-2023 Academic Year Meeting Minutes


EQISPC 23-24 Meeting Schedule

​Meetings typically occur every 1st Thursday from 4:00 pm-5:30 pm PST.​


January 4, 2024
February 1, 2024
March 7, 2024
April 4, 2024
May 2, 2024
June 6, 2024
August 1, 2024
September 5, 2024
October 3, 2024
November 7, 2024
December 5, 2024
January 2, 2025
February 6, 2025
March 6, 2025
April 3, 2025
May 1, 2025
June 5, 2025