Medical Student Association

The Medical Student Association (MSA) is a student leadership and service organization with the primary focus of supporting the student body of University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSOM) and representing its interests. MSA communicates concerns and requests from the student body to deans, faculty and staff to continue to improve UWSOM’s curriculum, clerkships, culture and learning environment. Each Foundations site has its own elected MSA representatives, including a president, vice president and treasurer. The contact information for the 2019-2020 MSA boards for each site are listed below:

Seattle, WA
  • President: Emily Cox,
  • Vice President: Coral Bays-Muchmore,
  • Treasurer: Charlie Brady,
  • Secretary: Katherine Dyer,
  • WWAMI Liaison: Meigan Sobczyk,
  • Technology Officer: Shailly Pandey,
Spokane, WA
  • President: Virkamal Dhaliwal,
  • Vice President: Rachel Levenseller,
  • Treasurer: Natalie McFall,
Laramie, WY
  • President: Caleb Hardt,
  • Vice President: Amanda Galambas,
  • Treasurer: Michael Yeradi,
Anchorage, AK
  • President: Hope Spargo,
  • Vice President: Evan Gross,
  • Treasurer: Jenny Sheasley,
Bozeman, MT
  • President: Parker Blekkenk,
  • Vice President: William French,
  • Treasurer: Matthew Evans,
Moscow, ID
  • President: Devin Gaskins,
  • Vice President: Allysha Yasuda,
  • Treasurer: Seth Dixon,


Below are the We Heard You documents collected from the once a quarter Deans & Friends surveys and meetings. MSA started the We Heard You (WHY) document in 2018 and are planning to continue using it while exploring more efficient ways to communicate, be transparent, and maintain an open and accountable dialogue between students, staff, and faculty.

The Spring 2020 Deans and Friends Survey is now open. Click here to access the survey.