Academic Support & Tutoring

Academic Learning Specialists

The learning specialists assist students with a variety of issues related to academic advising including test-taking, study plans, improving study skills, coping with test anxiety, and referrals for further support. We also help students prepare for the United States Medical Licensing  Exams (USMLE ).


Foundations Site:

Regional learning specialists meet with students at their respective foundation sites during MS1 and MS2 years and in preparation for Step 1. Dr. Brice and Dr. Tyler meet with clinical students for questions about shelf exams/Step 2.

Alaska: Shannon R. Uffenbeck,  Ph.D.

Idaho: Lynda Freeman DHSc., MPH, MBA

Montana: Claire Mitchell, Ph.D. Email forthcoming. Please email Dr. Brice in the interim

Seattle: Erica Brice, Ph.D., Yvonne Tyler, M.D.

Spokane: Jon Hammermeister, Ph.D.; Brittney Haong B.S.

Wyoming: Tracey Ann Haas, DO, MPH


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Disability Services and Accommodations

DRS: Disability Resources for Students



Tutoring is available to all medical students and is free of charge. In order to meet the needs of our diverse student population, all tutoring is available over Zoom. Ready?

General Academic Support

Skills and strategies for succeeding in medical school:

Test-taking tips for multiple-choice exams: test-taking strategy




Check out these three study calendar ideas that put the learning science into practice.


Step 1 Resources


Step 2 CK Resources


Recording links

Test Anxiety Workshop 2020

ANKI Tutorial


USMLE Updates During COVID-19

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