Complete Anatomy

What is Complete Anatomy?

Complete Anatomy is a 3D anatomy platform, including an atlas, videos, courses, and other learning materials. It is licensed for all UW medical students.

What do I need to know or do?

Complete Anatomy is available to active medical students as well as students in several other UW health professions programs. Activation gives you a subscription to the full institutional version of the software.

How do I activate Complete Anatomy?

Download the Complete Anatomy app, register using your email address, and enter the redeem code for UW medical students. Details on these steps can be found using these instructions (updated 7/3/2024 for 2024-25 academic year).

This document is only accessible to active medical students. If you are a student in another UW program participating in Complete Anatomy, please contact your instructor or program leadership.

What if I already paid for a personal subscription?

The student version of Complete Anatomy is not as full-featured as the institutional version. We recommend redeeming the code above using your address. Lessons assigned by faculty are only available after activating the UW-provided license.

Where can I find more information about how to use Complete Anatomy?

Complete Anatomy Help Resources from Elsevier:

Student Videos from Elsevier:

Finding help

For technical support, contact Complete Anatomy Help Center

For questions about UW School of Medicine use of Complete Anatomy, contact SOM Academic & Learning Technologies: