eValue Launch Page

What is eValue?

eValue is UWSOM’s Clinical Scheduling & Evaluation System. The eValue system is used for scheduling and evaluation of students’ clinical clerkships. In eValue, students can find their immunizations & certifications, check the availability of clerkships, view their full clinical clerkship schedule, and view their clinical clerkship grades.

How to Login

     • eValue NetID Portal – Login for Students, Educators, and Staff with a UW NetID

     • eValue Website – Login for non-UW Educators or UW Educators and Staff who prefer to not use UW NetID

NOTE: Faculty and support staff can go to the SOMALT Teaching Tools site for additional information about technologies used at UWSOM.

To request access to eValue for new ARRA staff, or changes to existing access, please follow these steps:

1. Submit users Identity Informationthis is needed in order to either find a current identity profile or create a new one. Users need an identity profile to ensure that user accounts in different systems have a common unique identifier, allowing the users accounts to be linked across systems.

2. Have a supervisor or manager submit a System Access Requestthis provides the information needed to determine appropriate access/permissions in the systems.

Login details will be sent to the user after system access has been setup.

Q: How do I reset my UW NetID password?
A: Step 1-Visit the What to Do When You Forget Your UW NetID Password page on the UW Technology web site.

Q: When I try to log in with my UW NetID, why do I get an error message that says, “Your login to eValue failed | Error: Invalid External_ID”?
A:  Your UW NetID may not be entered into eValue properly. Contact SoM Registrar or mdsdb@uw.edu.

Q: Why doesn’t my UW NetID work at “https://www.e-value.net”?
A: If your eValue profile is configured for UW NetID authentication, logging in with your UW NetID and password can *only* be done via the eValue Portal page.

Q: Neither of the above two login links work for me? What do I do?
A: Contact mdsdb@uw.edu.