Foundations Phase

The Foundations Phase curriculum is fifteen months in length and consists of seven integrated, interdisciplinary block courses which bring together basic, clinical and social sciences into a single course, along with a longitudinal clinical curriculum called Foundations of Clinical Medicine (FCM). Pathology, Histology, Pharmacology, and Human Form and Function threads (anatomy, ultrasound, and imaging) are integrated across all blocks.

Foundations Phase Curriculum


  • MEDSCI 502: Foundations of Clinical Medicine
  • MEDSCI 500: Research Methods
  • MEDSCI 510: Molecular & Cellular Basis of Disease
  • MEDSCI 515: Themes in Medicine – Foundations 1
  • MEDSCI 520: Invaders & Defenders

  • MEDSCI 506: Foundations of Clinical Medicine
  • MEDSCI 550: Energetics & Homeostasis
  • MEDSCI 535: Themes in Medicine – Foundations 3
  • MEDSCI 540: Musculoskeletal System
  • MEDSCI 542: Blood & Cancer

  • MEDSCI 501: Independent Investigative Inquiry

Curriculum-Resources and Important links

Electives and Enrichment

Preparing for the Patient Care Phase

  • Clerkship Director & Administrator Panel: How to be successful on your Patient Care Phase Clerkship:
  • Clerkship Tips
  • Additional information about starting your Patient Care Phase (including links to the Intro to Patient Care webinar and Q&A Session) can be found on the Clinical Curriculum website.