SOM Financial Aid

Meet the Team

Tabitha Jungck, she/her/hers

Financial Aid Counselor

Primary counselor for Alaska, Montana, Spokane and Wyoming students

Meet with me

Diane Noecker, she/her/hers

Director of SOM Financial Aid

Primary counselor for Idaho and Seattle students

Meet with me

SOM Financial Aid counselors work exclusively with all WWAMI medical students. We are the best resource for your financial questions during medical school. Due to the unique nature of the medical school curriculum and medical school loans, it is important you always contact our office first with your questions.

We also work closely with these UW offices:

  • Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA)
  • Student Fiscal Services (SFS)
  • Deferments/Transcripts
  • Residency Classification Office
  • Student Parent Resource Center
  • Veterans Center

Go to this webpage for their contact information and why you would need to get in touch with them.


Contact SOM Financial Aid

The best way to contact our office for quick questions is to email This email is monitored daily and you can expect to hear back from a SOM Financial Aid Counselor within 5 business days. All medical students should use this email address to first contact our office. If needed, we will refer you to the main UW Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA).


Monday – Wednesday, 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. PT

Good for 10-15 minute conversations. Zoom Meeting ID: 984 8751 7197

Open Zoom link for Mon-Wed 5-6 p.m. PT Office Hours

Thursday, 11:00 – 12:00 p.m. PT

Good for 10-15 minute conversations. Zoom Meeting ID: 984 8751 7197

Open Zoom link for Mon-Thurs 11-12 p.m. PT Office Hours

Schedule a 1:1 appointment with a SOM Financial Aid Counselor to discuss:

  • General Questions
  • Increasing Aid
  • Decreasing Aid
  • Personal Budgeting & Building Credit
  • Leave of Absence/Clinical Expansion
  • Admitted Student Questions

All Student Appointments

Please first try to book with the counselor for your Foundations site:

  • Alaska: Tabitha
  • Idaho: Diane
  • Montana: Tabitha
  • Seattle: Diane
  • Spokane:  Tabitha
  • Wyoming: Tabitha

Find verification, revision, and general financial aid forms for upload on MyUW

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Cost of Attendance

View the 2021-22 budget for your Foundations site

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Find information about SOM scholarships and outside scholarship opportunities

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Loan Resources & Debt Management

Find information about types of aid, and managing your debt during/after medical school

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Review general and class-specific timelines for the 2021-22 academic year

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Find FAQs for all financial aid topics