Curriculum Contacts

University of Washington School of Medicine
Magnuson Health Sciences Building, Box 356340
1959 NE Pacific Avenue, Suite A300
Seattle WA 98195-6340
p: 206.543.5560
f: 206.616.3341

Heather McPhillips, M.D., M.P.H
Associate Dean for Curriculum
p: 206.543.5562

John McCarthy, M.D.
Assistant Dean for Rural Programs
p: 509.322.5082
Rural Programs Website:
Rural Programs Team:

Edith Wang, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Basic Sciences, Curriculum
p: 206.543.5131

Kellie Engle
Director of Curriculum
p: 206.616.7063

Jaime Fitch, M.Ed.
Assistant Director, Curriculum
p: 206.465.7400

Jordan Kinder
Curriculum Management Systems Manager
p: 206.221.4125

Program Operations Specialist
p: 206-543-5562

Gina Franco
Clinical Curriculum Specialist
p: 206.616.3789

Julien Goulet, M.S.W.
Curriculum Project Manager
p: 206.616.8637

Erin Gunsul
Counseling Services Coordinator
p: 206.685.0873

Program Coordinator
Primary Care Practicum (PCP)
Non-Clinical Electives (NCE)
Rooms Coordinator
p: 206.221.6567

Drue Johnson
Curriculum Project Manager
p: 206.221.4441

Education Specialist
p: 206.543.0922

Meredith Pothoven
Curriculum Project Manager
p: 206.616.8867