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Below is  the latest COVID-19 information from UW Medicine and the UW School of Medicine. Check back often for updated information.

COVID-19 Testing for UW Medical Students

UWSOM students in Seattle can be tested at the UWMC Northwest Drive-Through Test Center AT NO COST

The first step is to complete this Redcap survey.

  • Use your student ID in place of the requested employee ID
  • Use Raye Maestes, MD, for your supervisor’s name
  • Input Dr. Maestas’ contact information:, 206.543.5561
  • If you are not in the Seattle area, please reach out to your local health clinic or hospital for direction
  • Contact Dr. Maestas to tell her when and where you’ve had your test

by Jennifer Best, Attending Physician

Today in Seattle looks like every other day. So why the hush? Showered, as I always do – drank two mugs of coffee. So what’s the weight? I don’t know yet exactly what we’re waiting for. I’m inhaling, but maybe not deep enough. Is anyone else feeling this? Also – can whoever that is, please mute?

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COVID-19 Information for UW Medical Students

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