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Below is  the latest COVID-19 information from UW Medicine and the UW School of Medicine.
Check back often for updated information.

COVID-19 Information for UW Medical Students

UWSOM students in Seattle can be Tested at the UWMC Northwest Drive-Through Test Center AT NO COST

The first step is to complete this Redcap survey.

  • Use your student ID in place of the requested employee ID.
  • Use Raye Maestes, MD, for your supervisor’s name, and input Dr. Maestas’ contact information:, 206.543.5561.
  • If you are not in the Seattle area, please reach out to your local health clinic or hospital for direction.
  • Contact Dr. Maestas to tell her when and where you’ve had your test.

UW School of Medicine Plan for Resumption of Student Clinical Activities

The UW School of Medicine is engaged in thoughtful planning to allow safe re-engagement of students in the direct care of patients to support medical student training. Administration, faculty, and medical students have been involved in the development and implementation of these guidelines and requirements regarding in-person student-patient interactions.

UWSOM Plan for Resumption of Student Clinical Activities can be found here.

For UW Medicine Faculty & Staff in Seattle: Food Donations to UW Medicine During COVID-19

For the duration of the state of emergency brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a temporary exception to the UW Medicine policies that restrict gifts of food and beverages provided to UW Medicine employees (faculty, staff, residents, etc.) at UW Medicine locations by external sources. If you are in a position to receive food donations please read this FAQ.

COVID-19 Information for UW Medical Students

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