UW Email

What is it?

Your UW email address is an essential tool for communication with classmates, faculty, and administration. You will want to make a habit of frequently checking your UW email for updates about curricular and administrative information.

What do I need to know or do?

Your UW email address consists of your UW NetID @uw.edu or @u.washington.edu. Both addresses get routed to the same account; you do not need to check email in two places.

Medical students are required to send and receive their UW email on UW Exchange (also known as UW Office 365), which is the only UW Medicine-approved email service available to students. This policy is in place to ensure the proper handling of HIPAA-protected information that you may receive during your education.

To verify which service you are using to forward your UW email, check the Manage UW NetID Resources page. Select UW Office 365.

UW Exchange – part of the UW Office 365 service – is a cloud-hosted email service that has been approved by UW Medicine. There are two basic ways to access UW Exchange:

  • Outlook Web Access. This browser-based option allows you to connect to email and calendars from any computer at any time. Just log in with your UW NetID and password.
  • Email client from a computer or mobile device. This option allows you to manage email from an email program such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, or the native email app on a smartphone or tablet. Note that when configuring email clients, your username will be your email address in the form of @uw.edu.

If you are a current UW student or UW employee who needs to retain your current email forwarding option, you may do so temporarily. However, you must switch to UW Exchange prior to the beginning of Immersion & Orientation at your site.


Where can I go for more help?

  • For UW Exchange: Dean of Medicine Information Technology: domhelp@uw.edu
  • For UW Deskmail: UW Information Technology: help@uw.edu or 206.221.5000
  • For other questions: SOM Academic & Learning Technologies: somaltsupport@uw.edu