Elentra Course Calendars

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We are happy to announce that the Elentra Clould is our newly acquired Curriculum Management System and is currently in the final stages of configuration and set up. Elentra is the system UWSOM uses to manage schedules for the Foundations Phase blocks and courses, as well as a variety of other important functions like learning objectives, session details, curriculum content tagging, etc.

You will be able to check your class schedules when you log directly into the Elentra platform, but there are also mechanisms where you can get your curriculum calendar on your personal device. Instructions on how to subscribe to your Elentra curricular calendar to your personal device as well as how to download the Elentra mobile app will be coming shortly after the system setup has been completed. An announcement will be made to the class when it is ready.

The image below shows an example of a typical week in the curriculum that is specific to you when you log into Elentra:

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Elentra dashboard showing a weekly calendar view of classes and other scheduled events


When you click on a specific learning event, a window will pop up that contains additional information on that learning event including:

  • The Block/Course of the learning event
  • Date & Time
  • Duration of learning event
  • Location
  • Required Attendance (also indicated by an asterisk on the calendar)
  • Instructor(s)
  • Any attached resources that will be useful to the learning event (such as a Zoom link)

Clicking on “Review Learning Event” link will take you to the respective learning event page in Elentra that will have additional information on links to the block/course’s Canvas page, curriculum content tags, and curricular learning objectives.

Calendar in Elentra showing additional session details for an event in the calendar

If you have any immediate questions about your calendar, please contact the Curriculum Management System Manager at somcms@uw.edu.