Research Electives

Research and Independent Study
Some departments offer courses for independent study and research. Contact the Clerkship Administrator for the department you are interesting in doing research with to discuss your options. Students register themselves for research and independent study courses via MyUW. Be sure to check the UW Time Schedule to get the SLN for the course you want!

Please note that research electives do not count towards clinical graduation requirements and you cannot request research rotations for Special Assignment Electives.

Departments offering research and independent study courses for medical students:

  • Emergency Medicine: MED EM 600
  • Internal Medicine: MED 600
  • Ophthalmology: OPHTH 600
  • Otolaryngology: OTOHN 600
  • Neurology: NEURL 600
  • Pediatrics: PEDS 600
  • Psychiatry: PBSCI 600
  • Radiology: RADGY 600
  • Rehabilitation Medicine: REHAB 600
  • Surgery: SURG 600
  • Urology: UROL 600