Student Feedback

Students will be asked in the final hour of each week to take five minutes to complete a weekly questionnaire about the week’s activity consisting of two open-ended items: What aspect(s) of the block facilitated your learning this last week? and Does anything need to be changed in this week? What and how? These weekly surveys are open over the weekend and close Mondays at noon. Additionally, students will also be asked to complete a more structured final evaluation at the end of the block.

Students will access the evaluations using EvaluationKit software links on the block Canvas page. Responses will be available to the Site Lead for their view immediately upon closing of the questionnaires.

Students are asked to evaluate only those faculty who have taught four or more hours in a block. Students will be asked to evaluate faculty using two ratings and one open-ended item. This will occur either at the end of the block, or at approximately the mid-point of blocks longer than five weeks duration for faculty who taught only in the initial portion of the block.

Evaluated faculty will receive an email through the EvaluationKit system alerting them that their results are ready and available for download. Instructions on how to view and download results from Evaluation Kit will be included.

Responses will also be available to Site Leads and Block Directors for their review immediately upon closing of the questionnaires.

Narrative assessments reflect the students’ performance at a personalized and individualized level, with resulting potential for student self-reflection and self-improvement.

The UW School of Medicine is committed to ensuring that medical students receive narrative feedback/assessment whenever feasible during their training in addition to grades and/or numeric ratings. This commitment includes all phases of the curriculum: Foundations Phase, Patient Care Phase and Explore and Focus Phase.

In the Foundations Phase, narrative assessment will be a component of the student’s formative and, where appropriate, summative assessment in courses that teach on an individualized or small group (12 or fewer students) basis with a consistent (4 or more sessions) teacher.

In the Patient Care Phase and Explore and Focus Phase, a narrative assessment is to be provided as a required component of the student’s final evaluation in each required and elective clerkship. The narrative assessment(s) or portions of the narrative assessment(s) may be included in the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE).