Non-Clinical Electives

Students taking courses during the Foundations Phase are given the opportunity to pursue electives that may enhance their personal medical education. These electives, otherwise known as Non-Clinical Electives, are offered by the University on a quarterly basis, and while do not involve direct patient care, are relevant to medical education. Because these courses run on the quarter system, they may not correspond exactly with other course requirements in the School of Medicine.

Please check out the Non-Clinical Electives website for more information on the WWAMI Non-Clinical Electives (Spokane, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho)registering for courses, and Seattle-specific Non-Clinical Electives. If you have questions, please contact the SOM Non-Clinical Electives Team.

Remember, Non-Clinical Electives do not follow the same timeline as block courses and requirements in the School of Medicine. If your course has a final examination that conflicts with your block courses and requirements, we encourage you to work with the instructor to find a solution. Please refer to the UW Academic Calendar for more information.

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