The SOM Clinical Curriculum Team is responsible for entering all clerkship availability into eValue, and the Registration Team then works with students to register them for their clerkship spots.  Availability is determined and driven by the Departments- any changes to availability must be initiated at the Department level.  Availability information includes Course numbers, Clerkship Site, and Clerkship Timeframes.  SOM clerkships must take place within approved School of Medicine timeframes outlined in the UW School of Medicine Academic Clinical Calendar.

Clinical clerkship availability is managed by the departments. All clerkship availability for the upcoming clinical calendar year (beginning of spring quarter one year – end of winter quarter the following year) is due from the departments to the SOM Curriculum Office by early Summer- prior to the start of the Registration Scheduling Process. Please note:

  • The clerkship availability submitted to the Curriculum Office is the official availability used in the scheduling process for the upcoming clinical calendar year.
  • The Registration scheduling process typically begins in mid-summer and is complete by mid-January.
  • Additional clerkship availability cannot be developed after clerkship schedules are released specifically for the benefit of a particular group of students, such as TRUST or Track students.
  • The department, in collaboration with SOM Curriculum and Registrar’s Offices, must manage additional clerkship availability.
  • Availability is not required in advance for permission-only clerkships, however, this is often the best practice to ensure students are aware of course availability.

Clerkship availability is requested by the SOM Curriculum Office once per year in April and is typically due in mid-May for required clerkships and mid-June for Advanced Patient Care & elective clerkships. Find detailed information about this process HERE.

Learn more about how to change existing availability HERE.

The Patient Care Phase and Explore & Focus Phase curriculum scheduling is managed by the School of Medicine Registrar’s Office within Academic Affairs. Clerkships will be assigned based on guidelines, including regional and departmental requests of minimum enrollment at sites. The Associate Dean for Student Affairs can approve exceptions within the usual scheduling guidelines.

Refer to the CLERKSHIP SCHEDULING POLICY for full scheduling policy details.

Contact the SOM Registrar’s Office for full details on scheduling in each Phase.

Learn more about curricular policies around the following HERE.

  • Elective and APC Clerkship Catalog
  • Permission-Only Clerkships
  • Research Electives
  • Special Assignment Electives