Clerkship Availability Collection

Annual Clerkship Availability Collection

Clerkship availability is requested by the SOM Curriculum Office once per year in April and is typically due in mid-May for required clerkships and mid-June for Advanced Patient Care & elective clerkships for the next clinical academic year.  Availability changes can be made throughout the year as needed (email to make changes), but for parity reasons cannot be made during the Registration process (typically from late Summer – Fall; see timeline below).  Exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances, like site closures.

Timeline for 2024-2025 Availability & Special Programs

Please note that schedule release dates are dependent upon receiving clerkship availability. Any delays in availability collections will result in delays releasing schedules to students.

Clerkship departments will receive an email from SOM Curriculum in April kicking off the availability collections process for that year. Below is a brief overview of the collection process.

Process for Availability Collection

  1. Curriculum sends out department-specific availability spreadsheets in April (separate emails will be sent for Required and APC/Elective Clerkships)
  2. Department downloads and saves the availability spreadsheet attachment.
  3. Department reviews list and works with sites and Regions to determine availability.
    • Confirm with your sites and regions to determine availability for the upcoming clinical year.
      • If a region has a change in availability, work with the Department to ensure the information submitted to SOM Curriculum is accurate.
    • Email Curriculum at if you need to see what your department submitted for the previous year.
  4. Department completes the spreadsheet by entering the number of availability spots for each timeframe and explaining any special requirements (such as permission-only status changes, credentialing requirements, etc.).
    • If your department has a minimum enrollment requirement, please include on the spreadsheet.
    • If your department needs certain sites filled before others, please include on the spreadsheet.
    • Spreadsheet may not include all clerkships for your Department.  It’s the Department’s responsibility to add any missing clerkships, along with site and availability information.
    • Please highlight any changes to spreadsheet in addition to adding availability timeframes.
  5. Department sends the completed form back to by the deadline in order to avoid delays in processing availability & scheduling students. Please note that once Registration begins, Departments will not be able to update their availability until Open Registration in January 2022.


Note: Please reach out to the appropriate Regional Administrator if you are having collecting availability from a site in the WWAMI Region.

Questions?  Please contact Clinical Curriculum at