UW School of Medicine Clinical Academic Calendar

The University of Washington School of Medicine clinical academic year runs from Spring Quarter – Winter Quarter.  The Patient Care Phase runs for the entirety of the clinical academic year, starting Spring quarter of a medical student’s 2nd year.  The Explore & Focus Phase runs through the clinical academic year starting Spring quarter of a medical student’s 3rd year, plus part of the following Spring Quarter.

Draft versions of the calendar are subject to change.  Dates for Transition to Residency and the Physicians Oath & Hooding Ceremony are estimates if the calendar notes TBD and will be confirmed closer to the quarter in which they occur.  Contact the Clinical Curriculum Office for any questions about the clinical calendar, or to access archived calendars.

Clinical Academic Calendars

DRAFT 2025-2026
DRAFT 2026-2027

NOTE: Draft versions of calendar are subject to change.