Elective and APC/APC-Sub-I Clerkship Information

Refer to the Explore & Focus website for information on:

  • Elective Clerkships
    • Includes additional information Surgical Selectives (no longer a Curriculum requirement for E15s and beyond)
  • Permission-Only Electives
  • Special Assignment Electives
  • International Clinical Elective (Global Health Electives)

Refer to the Elective and APC Clerkship Catalog for information on active elective and APC School of Medicine courses.  Catalog is organized by Department.

Email medevalu@uw.edu any to update catalog information.  Please note some catalog information (credit information, course name, course description) must first be changed in the UW Curriculum Management System (Kuali) before changes can be made in catalog.

Clinical electives and APC/APC Sub-Is can be made permission-only by request from the Departmental Clerkship Administrator or Director. To ensure parity for all students, changes to permission status can only be made during the availability collection period for the upcoming academic year, or in Open Registration following the registration period.  Email Curriculum at medevalu@uw.edu and to request change in permission status. Permission-only electives must follow the timeframes established by the clinical calendar.

Learn more about the department’s role in registering a student into a 600 Research Elective HERE.

Students can register for special assignment electives within each department. Departments review and approve applications prior to forwarding on for School of Medicine Curriculum approval.  A few items to note about special assignment electives:

  • Students must have completed their MS3/Patient Care Phase required clerkships in order to take a special elective
  • Special assignment electives cannot be used for research credit or fulfilling surgical selective or advanced patient care clerkship requirements
  • Electives must be approved by the department that administers the preceptor’s specialty (ex. no FAMED electives approved by Internal Medicine)
  • Special Assignment Electives cannot be used to allow a student to take an established elective during an off-calendar timeframe

Please refer to the Special Assignment Electives page for full details and application.

Students can also register for international away electives if your department allows it. Please let Curriculum know if your department does not allow international electives. Applications and more detailed information can be found in the International Clinical Electives page.