Listserver rollover updates 2024

Listserv email distribution lists will be updated later this month

The distribution lists for the medical student Listservs are scheduled to roll over from June 18 to 21.  The communications office will seek to automatically subscribe students to the Listserv for the class in which they will be enrolled in the upcoming academic year – for example medyr3ad will be reaching this fall’s third-year students.

Students are required to be on the list that corresponds to their class.

If there is content that you want to send in mid-June to a current Listserv lineup, please send it to that Listserv by noon Monday, June 17, 2024.

We know communications are important to you, and you are eager to be on the right lists. We will post live updates as Listservs are updated on this 2024 Listserv rollover updates page and on the Listservs. We’ll communicate when the rollover is complete, and there will be many opportunities to adjust the distribution list. If you need to be on several lists, we will make sure that happens.

If you have questions about Listservs in general, please see the newly updated Medical Student Listservs 101 page.