Message about the medical student Aux Listservs

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Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2024 4:56 PM
To: all Listservs
Subject: Changes to Aux Listservs


  • Students report receiving too many emails through UWSOM listservs.
  • The Aux listservs will be discontinued during the week of June 17 to reduce email traffic to your inbox.
  • The Administrative (Admin) listservs will remain to ensure that critical messages reach all students.
  • The Medical Student Association (MSA) has created a Facebook group UW Med Dawgs to facilitate conversation between students.
  • Student Affairs and the communications team have created a new student group activities calendar to house all events across WWAMI.

Dear Students,

Over the years, we have often heard from students that they receive too many emails through our different email listservs, making it difficult to pay attention to important messages with such a high volume. As you know, our School operates two primary types of listservs: “Administrative” (or “Admin”) lists that contain important information for all students in a given year and/or WWAMI site, and “Auxiliary” (or “Aux”) lists for additional information that might be of interest to students in a given year.

In consultation with the MSA Tech Committee, we will discontinue the Aux listservs during the week of June 17 to reduce the number of emails you receive in your inbox. These are the listservs that will close at that time:

As an alternative communication platform, MSA has created a student-run Facebook group, UW Med Dawgs. If you have a message about student group activities, requests for volunteers, housing opportunities, or items for sale, you can do so on UW Med Dawgs with a personal Facebook account.

Student Affairs and the communications team have also established a method to publicly promote student group events. If you want to invite other students anywhere in WWAMI to an event, the Office of Student Affairs will post your event to the official UW calendaring system. You can learn about the advantages of the new calendar and how to share events here: Student Activities Calendar Update.

Some UWSOM deans, staff, departments and organizations also currently send messages to the Aux lists. In the future, you can expect to find those messages on the Admin lists or the weekly e-newsletter that you receive every Thursday. It is important to note that this change WILL NOT affect the Admin listservs such as medyr1ad, medyr2ad, medyr3ad, and medyr4ad. These lists will continue to provide you with important information for your success in class, in school, in residency and beyond.

We hope that these changes will streamline the communication you receive as a medical student, and we wanted to give you ample time to adjust to it before it goes into effect. If you have questions, please contact Michael Campion, Director of Academic & Learning Technologies: If you have questions about the new UW Med Dawgs Facebook group or the UWSOM Dawgs platform, please contact the MSA Tech Committee:


Suzanne Allen, MD, MPH

Vice Dean for Academic, Rural and Regional Affairs

University of Washington School of Medicine