Pre-Orientation Checklist

Before School Begins

Prior to the start of Orientation at your Foundations site, there are a series of tasks that you will need to complete to prepare you before you start Orientation and the curriculum.  We recommend that you start on this check list as soon as possible, as some of the items may take a few weeks to fully complete (i.e. immunizations and disability accommodations).  There is a contacts list on the bottom of the page if you have specific questions on any of the items.

  • Respond to UWSOM Admissions correspondence and requests as you receive them to ensure you have completed the acceptance process.
    • Post acceptance, you will receive an email from the University of Washington Registrar containing your Student Number and Private Access Code.
    • Applicants who have pending coursework or degrees will be asked to submit final official transcripts.
    • The Fun Facts survey is now in the same portal that applicants use to take action on all things Admissions related. It is one of the tabs in the acceptance contract  (
  • Establish your UW NetID and set up a UW Office 365 email account. Select the “Forward to UW Office 365” option.
    • More information on how to do this can be found here.
  • Complete the E-22 Compliance and Immunizations Requirements
  • Review your Financial Aid package.
  • Verify that you meet the School of Medicine’s Computer Requirements.
    • The School of Medicine has published minimum computing requirements for student laptops and mobile devices. Please pay special attention to the requirement of disk encryption, because in recent years some incoming students have found that their brand-new laptop didn’t meet the requirement. All current Macintosh laptops meet UWSOM requirements. However, Windows laptops must have BOTH a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip AND the Professional, Education, or Enterprise edition of Windows. The link above includes details about the technology requirements as well as a link to a laptop shopping guide created by our Medical Student Technology Advisory Team (medSTAT).
  • Contact the UW Disability Resources for Students office if you will need testing or other accommodations during medical school, to ensure these are in place before school begins.  All accommodations are processed through UW DRS, irrespective of your local Foundations site. The accommodation application, review, and approval process takes 4-6 weeks before accommodations can be implemented by the School. Please contact UW DRS as soon as possible to begin this process.
  • Secure Health Insurance – Depending on your Foundations site, health insurance may be a requirement. Please verify this with your Foundations site.
  • Indicate a Preferred Name The University of Washington allows students to indicate a “preferred name” in addition to their legal name that will appear in various UW databases.
  • Read the UW Medicine Policy on Professionalism Conduct.
  • Read UWSOM’s Policy for Promoting an Equitable, Diverse and Inclusive School of Medicine.
  • Complete UWSOM’s Student Affairs Orientation Forms Surveys prior to the start of Orientation
  • Review and read required pre-orientation Curriculum Materials
  • Complete the UWSOM Academic Learning Technology Orientation Module:
  • New Item: Bloodborne Pathogen Overview Video: All health professionals must know what to do in the event of a blood borne pathogen exposure before working in a clinical environment.  Please watch this video prior to the start of Orientation.
  • New Item:  Required Title IX Online Course: Husky Prevention & Response – Complete the required course — which takes 60-90 minutes — before the start of your first quarter.
  • Check your UW email regularly; the volume will increase starting in summer.

If you have questions about the items above, please refer to this contacts list:

Compliance and
Disability Resources for Students (DRS)
Seattle Foundations Site & Student AffairsEdmel Ronquillo
Spokane Foundations SiteCarol Weigand
Wyoming Foundations SiteNatalia Tugwell-Brown
Alaska Foundations SiteNancy Hall
Idaho Foundations SiteMarlane Martonick
Montana Foundations SiteKayla Ouert

Note: This is the universal pre-orientation check list items for all University of Washington School of Medicine medical students no matter what Foundations site you will be going into.  Please note that the university at your Foundations site might have additional requirements to complete.  You will find  those requirements on your site specific Orientation Canvas page or you can contact your locate site administrators.