Required Poster Presentation

Scholarly work should result in a publicly accessible product that allows others to build on your work and advance knowledge in the field. Presenting your work can impact change and future direction. Scholarship of Discovery students accomplish this important step by presenting their work at the annual III Medical Student Poster Session.

III Medical Student Poster Sessions are held every Fall at each Foundations Site. For the E22 Class:

  • Montana – 10/30
  • Wyoming – 10/24
  • Idaho – 11/16
    • Student 36″x 42″ posters will be printed by the Copy Center on campus.
  • Alaska – 11/13
  • Seattle – 11/13, Seattle Program-Coming Soon
  • Spokane – 11/14

In order to fulfill the III Scholarship Requirement with a Scholarship of Discovery project, you must present a poster summarizing your work at poster session held at your Foundation’s Site in the Fall term of your second year. You will be the first author and sole presenter of the poster, even if you collaborated with another student or faculty member or plan to submit the poster or related research for publication under joint authorship. Posters used to fulfill requirements for other courses are not accepted.

Your Faculty Mentor must review your poster prior to printing the final draft for the Poster Session. Please be sure to send them your poster for review with enough time to make any necessary final edits.

Instructions on how to print your poster and the deadline for doing so will be sent by your Foundations Site in the Fall well before your poster session.

At the Poster Session, you will be asked to remain at your poster during designated times. During this period, you will be asked to give a 3-5 minute summary to visitors using your poster as a visual guide. Visitors will include faculty poster reviewers who may ask additional questions. Outside of this time, you are encouraged to visit your fellow medical students’ posters to learn about their work.


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