Scholarship of Discovery

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Scholarship of Discovery is empirical research in which new discoveries are made through original investigation. A hypothesis is made regarding the relationship between variables and a study attempts to validate the hypothesis through observation. The study may take the form of a basic laboratory study, a survey, a secondary analysis of an existing data set, a chart review, a qualitative study, or a prospective clinical trial.

For the III Scholarship Requirement, empirical research may be directed toward a question in any field related to medicine. Projects are typically in the following categories:

  1. Laboratory-based Research
  2. Clinical Research
  3. Health Services Research
  4. Quality Improvement

Students will work on their research projects full-time (~30 hours per week) for a minimum of eight weeks during the Summer term between the first and second years of medical school.

In this section, you will find information on:

  1. III Scholarship of Discovery Timeline
  2. How to Find a Project
  3. Directory of Faculty Projects
  4. Funded Summer Research Opportunities
  5. Choosing a Faculty Mentor
  6. Research with Human Subjects or Animal Use
  7. How to Write your Project Proposal
  8. Project Proposal Evaluation Rubric
  9. Required Poster Presentation
  10. How to Design your Poster