How to Find a Project

Please refer to the Directory of Faculty Projects by clicking here 

This list is updated every fall, which catalogs UWSOM faculty and affiliated faculty’s summer projects available for medical students. Should your interest extend to conducting research at a Foundations site distinct from your home site, you may be eligible for the III relocation fund.  

The application for the relocation fund typically commences in the spring, with detailed instructions on the Canvas website and from the Triple I e-mail via  

For any inquiries pertaining to this, kindly direct your questions to 

More Research Opportunities 

Additionally, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of funded summer opportunities encompassing both short-term (2-month) and long-term (9-12 month) projects within the UW system. This compilation also includes projects outside the UW system. It is pertinent to note, however, that for the latter category, a UWSOM Faculty Co-Mentor is requisite. 

For more information on Choosing a Faculty Mentor click here 

Check out the UW Department Pages  

For inspiration and potential mentorship, peruse Faculty webpages to identify mentors aligned with your interests. Furthermore, liaise with your Foundation Site’s Research Advisor for guidance in identifying mentors and local resources pertinent to your area of interest. 

Contact your Foundation Site Research Advisors 

ITHS Research Navigation 

Should your research aspirations gravitate towards a specific field, consider reaching out to the ITHS Research Navigator for personalized assistance. For instance, a first-year medical student at the University of Wyoming intrigued by biomedical informatics could request a meeting to explore research opportunities for the upcoming summer. The Navigator facilitates meetings either in person, via phone, or through Zoom. 

To contact this department please e-mail 

 Contact Medical Student Scholarship Director 

For those harboring innovative ideas, it is advisable to consult the Director of Medical Student Scholarship Dr. Cynthia Sprenger, PhD in advance of the Project Proposal due date to ascertain their viability in meeting the III Scholarship Requirement. 

When choosing a Project  

When deliberating project choices with faculty members, it is imperative to discern if they are suitable mentors and if the proposed project is feasible. Given the minimum 8-week duration of summer term commitments, averaging approximately 30-35 hours per week, consider the following: 

– Will the faculty member be available consistently throughout this period, committing to regular meetings (at least weekly) to provide guidance throughout the project’s execution? 

Is the proposed project achievable within the summer term? Will requisite data be readily available for analysis before the summer’s conclusion? 

Prioritize mentors who are responsive, available, and unequivocally dedicated to nurturing your understanding of the scientific process. Avoid individuals who may lack the time or clarity necessary for your educational advancement. 

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