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** This page is for students who have already completed the III Scholarship Requirement **

General Advice

Limited Time. It is important to keep in mind that medical school is a busy time! You are not permitted to engage in research during a clerkship.

  • If you would like to do scholarly work over your third year, please enroll in a research elective in that field (for example, PEDS 600 – Pediatric Independent Study or Research). This will provide you with a 6-week dedicated block of time to engage and ideally complete your project.
  • If you would like to do scholarly work over your fourth year, you are welcome to do so outside of any clerkship work. We also recommend enrolling in a research elective to provide dedicated time to engage in your work. Using dedicated time lends itself to a more meaningful experience and is more likely to result in a scholarly product such as an abstract or paper.

Choosing a Mentor. When you meet with a faculty member about potential projects, it is important to explore if they are the right mentor for you and to determine if the project is achievable.

  1. Will the faculty member be available throughout this period to meet with you and guide you through the execution of your project? Do they have a surrogate who can help you when they are not available?
  2. Is this project achievable over the time you have available? Will an abstract or paper be completed prior to graduation?

You will want to work with someone responsive and available, and who is clearly committed to helping you learn about the scientific process. Avoid mentors who wouldn’t have the time to help you, or who lack a definite idea of exactly what you would do.