Clinical Skills Work Group


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  • Determine the core clinical skills that will be taught in the first 18 months of the new curriculum.
  • Determine the structure of the primary and continuity care clerkship, clinical skills thread, and the clinical immersion block.


  • Jeanne Cawse-Lucas
  • Janelle Clauser, Spokane WWAMI
  • Jay Erickson, Montana WWAMI
  • Linda Fearn, Idaho WWAMI
  • Erika Goldstein
  • Tom Greer (substitute for Jeanne Cawse-Lucas)
  • Mike Herring, Montana WWAMI
  • Matt Hollon, Spokane WWAMI
  • Margaret Isaac
  • Amanda Kost (Chair)
  • Tanya M. Leinicke, Alaska WWAMI
  • Tom McNalley
  • Karen McDonough
  • George Novan, Spokane WWAMI
  • Bob Onders, Wyoming WWAMI
  • Carolyn Pepper, Wyoming WWAMI
  • Tim Robinson, Wyoming WWAMI

Meeting Minutes

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