UWSOM WWAMI Faculty Appointment FAQ

WWAMI Faculty Appointment Process Timeline

The current WWAMI Faculty Appointment Application Process turnaround time is approximately 4 months. Please make sure to complete all 4 required documents* and provide a frequently monitored email, so as to receive important UWSOM WWAMI communications and prevent delays to your Faculty Appointment.

WWAMI Faculty Appointment Process Flow

Appointment Process Flow Diagram: WWAMI Faculty Appointment Process Flow.

Tips to Help Facilitate Your Faculty Appointment

Common Faculty Appointment Application Errors and Tips to Prevent Them:

  • Application bypasses proper channels. Your Faculty Appointment should be initiated by, and all paperwork sent to, the appropriate Regional Office. This ensures that your packet is routed to the Academic, Rural, and Regional Affairs Office for review, and includes the required Vice Dean of Academic Affairs – Letter of Recommendation. Please do not send your application packet directly to the Department.
  • CV can be filled in following the WWAMI CV Template guidelines to prevent being rejected by the Dean’s office.
  • Offer Letters are not signed and/or returned to the Department once they have made the offer.
  • Background Checks are not completed within the 3 day window and the invitation expires.
  • Board Certification and/or State Medical License dates missing.
  • Incomplete or missing documents:
  • CV omitted, or missing required information. Please refer to the WWAMI SOM CV Checklist to avoid this.
  • Signatures are missing or typed – only digitally verified or “wet” signatures are accepted.
  • WWAMI Personal Data Form is missing anticipated teaching duties, contribution to the WWAMI program, and/or the annual number of hours expected to be involved in teaching UWSOM WWAMI Students.

Background Check Resources

A-Check Global is the consumer reporting agency vendor that conducts background checks for the University of Washington. You will receive an email from them as your appointment is nearing completion. Please be sure to open the email and complete it as soon as possible as it will expire 3 days after it is received.

Click here to get a preview of the messages and emails sending the background checks, so that you don’t miss them. If you receive appointment packets from individuals associated with any of the following clinics, centers, or health systems, please provide an alternate email address without a partner institution affiliation – the background check email may be rejected by their server (name@confluencehealth.org, name@providence.org, etc.).

  • Billings Clinic – Montana
  • Columbia Medical – Washington
  • Confluence Health – Washington
  • Everett Clinic – Washington
  • Peace Health – Alaska and Washington
  • Providence – Alaska, Montana, and Washington
  • Riverstone Health – Montana
  • Rockwood Clinic – Washington
  • South Lake Clinic – Washington