Graduation, Honors and Awards

University of Washington School of Medicine and Departmental Awards
Students may receive formal recognition from the School or a department for achieving excellence in their academic work, making significant contributions to medical education, and/or demonstrating commitment to community service.

Donations from graduates, families of alumni and faculty, and friends of the School of Medicine may be designated for awards under the guidance of UW Medicine Advancement.

Offers of awards from outside groups not affiliated with the University of Washington School of Medicine must be vetted through the Faculty Council on Academic Affairs before they are considered for acceptance as an additional award managed by the University of Washington School of Medicine. Awards that present a conflict of interest are not deemed appropriate.

Physician’s Oath & Hooding Ceremony
Students are eligible to participate in the University of Washington School of Medicine’s Physician’s Oath & Hooding Ceremony (POHC) if they have successfully completed all graduation requirements for the MD degree prior to the ceremony. If the MD degree has been received in any one of the previous three quarters (summer, autumn, or winter), the student may request to participate in the ceremony that occurs the following spring. The Vice Dean for Academic, Rural and Regional Affairs may grant exceptions to this policy. Under very special circumstances, a student who is graduating in the quarter immediately subsequent to the ceremony (summer quarter) may be permitted to participate in the POHC if the student has completed all requirements for the MD degree in a timely fashion, is in good academic standing (i.e. coursework, professional conduct, and financial obligations) and is cleared to officially receive the degree no later than one quarter immediately following the spring ceremony. 

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