Research Electives (600 level)

Research Elective Information for Clerkship Administrators

Students have an opportunity to receive UW credit for a research/independent study experience called Research Electives.  These courses all have the same course number across departments in the School of Medicine- 600.  Research Electives don’t count towards UW School of Medicine graduation requirements nor are they eligible for Financial Aid since there is not a non-clinical elective requirement in the clinical phases.  Students register for the course independently via MyUW.  Course will show up on the student’s official UW Transcript (it will not show up in the internal School of Medicine systems that track SOM graduation requirements- like the Graduation Audit Report).

Courses require permission from the Department, and information about the elective should be provided to the student by the department.  If a department approves a Research Elective for a student, they provide the student a Faculty Add Code for the faculty member the student is researching/studying under. Faculty Add Codes are accessed in the Student Database (SDB).  Departments will need faculty member’s employee ID number to access or activate a Faculty Add Code in the SDB.  Detailed instructions on how to access faculty codes in SDB for 600 research electives can be found HERE.

The student will use the Faculty Add Code along with the SLN for the relevant course/quarter to register for the course in MyUW.  The course SLN can be found in the UW Time Schedule.

Not all departments have a research elective course.  The following departments have active 600 courses in Kuali (this is not confirmation that the department is actively offering the research and independent study course to students; this is determined by the department):

  • Emergency Medicine: MED EM 600
  • Laboratory Medicine: LAB M 600
  • Ophthalmology: OPHTH 600
  • Otolaryngology: OTOHN 600
  • Neurology: NEURL 600
  • Pediatrics: PEDS 600
  • Psychiatry: PBSCI 600
  • Radiology: RADGY 600
  • Rehabilitation Medicine: REHAB 600
  • Surgery: SURG 600
  • Urology: UROL 600