Facilities, technology, and equipment: What if…

  • Weekdays (Kayla Ouert –  your site administrator): (406) 994-4411
  • Weekends (Hospital Security): 0 from hospital phone.

  • Police, fire, ambulance: 911 or 5555 from a hospital phone.

  • Audio-visual equipment problems (before 5:00 PM): (406) 994-4411
  • As a last resort you can contact Academic Learning Technologies,

  • Contact your Site Administrator (406) 994-4411

  • Contact your Site Administrator (406) 994-4411

  • There may be times when situations like inclement weather, power outages, earthquakes, etc., impact operations and/or students’ and faculty members’ ability to be present for scheduled coursework. In these types of situations, the University will determine whether it will officially close.
  • Students and Site Leads will be notified of University closures by the Block | FCM Administrator via email. The Block | FCM Administrator will also consult with the Site Lead and Associate Dean for Curriculum on rescheduling of required coursework and will email students. The Site Lead will notify faculty.