New Clerkship & Site Approval

New Clerkship Approval Process

The UW SOM Clerkship Site Application is the School of Medicine’s clerkship approval application.  These applications are separate from the UW New Course approval process.  They require more detailed information about the clerkship site, faculty, and goals and objectives for the clerkship so the SOM can review and approve the clerkship to ensure it meets the SOM Policy standards set for clerkships.  Departments are responsible for completing UW SOM Clerkship Site Applications and submitting to SOM Curriculum. Applications also require approval from the Regional Dean.

UW SOM Clerkship Site Application

  1. Fill out UW SOM Clerkship Site Application completely
  2. Return to Curriculum Office:
  3. UW SOM Curriculum Approval Flow
    1. New clerkship applications are reviewed by Assistant Dean for Curriculum.
    2. If the course is an APC or APC-Sub-I, application is reviewed by School of Medicine APC Director.
    3. Application is reviewed at relevant Committee (Patient Care Committee or Explore and Focus Committee).  Not all new Clerkship Site Applications require approval at Committee, contact for further details.
  4. Once approved, Curriculum sends the department and Region email approval notification, with instructions on next steps (detailed below).

  1. New Course Approval at UW Level.  Fill out UW New Course Application online
    1. Get application approvals from your Department Chair and Associate Dean for Curriculum (this is done via approval flow in Kuali)
    2. Consult with Curriculum Office is you aren’t sure how the course should be numbered.
    3. Course is reviewed by the UW Curriculum Committee (UWCC).  UWCC meets once a month except in summer; please check Course Application Deadlines page to see when application deadlines are for UWCC Meetings.
  2. Once the course has been approved by the UW Curriculum Committee:
    • Add new clerkship to departmental Time Schedule for all relevant quarters (clerkship will not be added to eValue without confirmation of this step):
      • Use the Time Schedule Construction System for open quarters (requires Time Schedule Construction access and entrust token, email if you need to be granted access)
      • Add to a Time Schedule for a quarter no longer open in the Time Schedule Construction System: Time Schedule Change Form
      • Notify Curriculum when your course has been opened for all relevant quarters.  Course will not be added to eValue without this notification/confirmation.
      • Contact Curriculum if you are unsure how to add a course to the time schedule. Detailed instructions on the Time Schedule can be found here
  3. Curriculum adds new clerkship to eValue
    1. Send availability to
    2. For any electives, APCs or APC Sub-Is, include any permission information, or relevant information that needs to be added to SOM Clerkship Catalog.
  4. Once your clerkship has gone through all of the appropriate approvals, you will need to ensure that any faculty at the site that do student evaluations, or have evaluations done on them by students, have a faculty appointment.  Information on WWAMI Faculty appointments can be found here.
  5. Required clerkship sites require an Affiliation Agreement.  These sites may also be eligible to receive administration fees to help offset costs associated with student clerkships.  Find additional information about these topics here.