All permanent clerkships undergo a thorough approval process to ensure educational quality by both the University of Washington and the School of Medicine. This approval process may also be needed for changes to an already-approved clerkship. Clerkships are approved at two levels, via two separate processes:


  • Approved via UW SOM Clerkship/Site Application
  • Approval establishes the site and/or course content meets SOM policy standards
  • Reviewed and approved by UW SOM Internal Governance


  • Approved via UW New Course proposal (Kuali, a web-based application)
  • Approval establishes the clerkship as a UW course for registration, grading, financial aid, and other administrative purposes at the UW level
  • Reviewed and approved by UW Curriculum Governance

New courses need approval at both the UW and SOM level before they can be added to eValue.  Any new courses created in Kuali must be entered into the Time Schedule following UW approval before they can be added to eValue.  Course changes may need one or both approvals, depending on the type of change being made (see below for additional details). Please contact Curriculum at with questions about the clerkship application or approval process. Site visits are not required for elective clerkships. **Presentation from 5/5/2023: Recording

  • Initiation of a new site can begin with the site, the department, or the regional office.
  • Once clerkship development begins the site, region, and department should be working together to complete the application.
  • During development, Clinical Curriculum is available to consult on any of the following:
    • Regional areas needing site development
    • Required clerkships needed in general or by region
    • The approval process
    • Available Course numbers
    • Deadlines and approval timelines
  • Once the site, region, and department have developed a clerkship and begun the site evaluation process it is time to begin the SOM and UW approval processes for new a new clerkship.

Changes to an already-existing clerkship may need approvals at both the UW and SOM levels, depending on the type of change being made.

A SOM Clerkship Application is needed when the following change(s) in a clerkship occur:

  • Change in SOM graduation requirement (ex.- change from a Clinical Elective clerkship to an Advanced Patient Care clerkship. NOTE: SOM has an application to change an elective to an APC or APC-Sub-I)
  • Change in Primary Site
  • Change in Site Director*

*Clinical Curriculum is working on developing a course change form so departments don’t have to submit an entire new clerkship application for smaller changes like this. Until this form is launched, please contact to notify of changes to Site Director so Curriculum can note for record; no application will be required.

Approval at the UW level (via the UW Curriculum Manage system- Kuali) is needed when the following change(s) in a clerkship occur:

  • Course name change, long or short (as long as the name change doesn’t reflect a change in the course content)
  • Small tweaks to the course description (sometimes done to clarify the course a bit more- okay as long as the course content isn’t changing)
  • Course prerequisites

Approval at both the UW and SOM level is needed when the following change(s) in a clerkship occur:

  • New/changed Learning Objectives (called Goals & Objectives on application)/course content
  • Change in credits (ex.- you had a 4 week clerkship that you want to offer only as 2 week)

Small changes like adding a new secondary site or small changes to a course name in eValue to correct an error do not need approval.  Contact if you are unsure what is needed for your clerkship.

Information on entering your new course into the Time Schedule HERE.

Once you have gotten all your approvals in place, and entered your course into the Time Schedule, Curriculum is able to add your course to eValue, and, if applicable, to the Elective, APC and APC-Sub-I Clerkship Catalog.  Remaining steps that happen outside of curriculum for a new course are:

  • Academic Affairs is notified of the new clerkship site for Affiliation Agreement purposes
  • ALT Team works with Departments to add faculty to eValue
  • Departments work on Faculty Appointments if needed
  • Departments market clerkship to students
  • Regions and Departments work on Site Visits and Faculty Development
  • Registration & Scheduling begins enrolling students for upcoming rotations

Questions about the business of clinical clerkship sites?  Please visit the WWAMI Clinical Clerkship Sites website, which has detailed information on Affiliation Agreements and Clerkship Funding for your new site/clerkship.