MS3 Class Information – Nov. 2, 2023

Update about Patient Care scheduling

This message is for MS3s needing three or more Patient Care courses starting in Spring 2024 or later. Here’s what the Registration and Learning Environment teams have to say: Good news: The scheduling program, EVOS, is running, so we’re getting closer to finishing up your Patient Care schedules!

Of course, we’ll let you know once those are available, but please be aware that it will still be a while.

Before then, here are two things to know:

  • If you have Disability Resources for Students (DRS) location-based accommodations, please send your accommodation letter from DRS to  We have a list, but want to make sure it doesn’t overlook anyone.
  • If you have any safety concerns about rotating through certain cities or towns and wish to talk to someone, please schedule a meeting with Melinda Frank, director of the Learning Environment, by Nov. 9 using this tool:

Remember that a swap/trade period will be open to all once schedules are released. More about this later.

We know you’re excited about this next phase of your education – we’re excited as well!

ICYMI Schedule your fourth-year Career Planning appointment

Please schedule a fourth-year Career Planning Appointment with your career advisors anytime from now through December 2023. Before your appointment, please carefully read the information and resources below and plan to spend a minimum of 90 minutes in preparation. 

If you have experienced any of the following challenges, please schedule your fourth-year Career Planning Appointment ASAP.

  • Foundations course fail(s)
  • Step 1 or Step 2CK fail. Low Step 1 or Step 2CK score, or have not taken Step 1 yet
  • Clerkship fail or clerkship exam fail
  • Two or more Passes in Patient Care Phase
  • Pass in a specialty of interest
  • Not completing Patient Care Phase in March/April
  • Expansion (specialty dependent)

In our meeting, we will discuss:

  • Your specialty interests and specialty prioritization for Explore & Focus rotations
  • Specialty decision-making strategies and timeline
  • Preliminary preparations for your residency application components

 Required steps prior to scheduling your fourth-year Career Planning Appointment (plan for 90 or more minutes of prep):

Read the Career Planning for 4th Year Guide and follow the instructions, including reviewing the slide deck at the top of the page to:

  • Understand the important components and timeframes to help you map out your E&F schedule using the Clinical Phase Planning Worksheet
  • Introduce you to the residency application process
  • Understand strategies for your residency application
  1. Download and complete the Clinical Phase Planning Worksheet found on the Career Planning for 4th Year Guide
  2. Schedule a 4th Year Career Planning Appointment (select this appointment type in the system)
  3. Upload your worksheet to your meeting in CAS so it can be discussed when you come in. Appointments cannot be modified within 24 hours of your appointment time; email your worksheet to your career advisor if less than 24 hours before your appt.

For information on specialty decision-making, review the Choosing A Career content.

If you want to look further ahead, visit the Residency Application Timeline, and Residency Application Components on the Applying to Residency page.

Your preparation for your Fourth-year Career Planning Appointment with an advisor will help us make effective use of our time together. The purpose of the meeting is for you to feel clear in your goals and tasks for fourth-year planning and preparing for your residency application. We are here to support you!

“Tip of the Month” from the Career Advising Student Advisory Board

As you know, third year is busy! Something you can do to thank your future self is to update your CV whenever you have some downtime (e.g., month off, “chill” rotation). Having a solid CV is necessary for Away rotation applications that you’ll be preparing in the Winter for applying in the Spring. You’ll use this info almost word-for-word in ERAS when you’re applying.

Check out the CV page for videos and the CV template. As you are mapping out fourth year, use the Clinical Phase Planning Worksheet from Career Advising’s 4th Year Career Planning webpage. Then be sure to meet with your career advisor in November and December to go over specialty choice(s), if Away rotations are expected/suggested, and discuss Visting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) – so you can start looking at away rotations and scholarships over winter break!!!

Read the Specialty Guides for your specialties and use the Course Catalog to see which Sub-Is, APCs, and electives you might want to take in fourth year.

  • Reviewed by Career Advising Student Advisory BIPOC board member L’Oreal Kennedy. Originally written by BIPOC alum Shanelle Briggs.

In case you missed it, here is the previous issue of the student newsletter for MS3s.

Have a wonderful week!