Updates about the 2022 Listservs migration

June 23 update

Today we’re compiling lists of people who’ve asked to be added or removed from lists. We hope to be making these changes throughout the day. A couple of common questions:

  • How do I subscribe to an AUX list? You’ll be signed up automatically. Then you let us know if you’d like to be dropped.
  • I don’t seem to be getting emails. How do I know if I’m on a listserv? Because the listserv lists rolled over just yesterday, there has not been a lot of email traffic. You can expect more in the coming weeks and months, for sure. As we get closer to the start of school, if content seems to be missing, email us and we’ll check on your status with any listserv.

June 22, 2022 updates

1:30 p.m. update: All student listserv channels should be open, and all students have been notified. We hope. If you are aware of any issues, please let Walter know at medlistserv@uw.edu. At about 2:30, Walter will update faculty and staff to let them know the rollover is complete. We will ask if anyone would like to be added or removed from listservs. After that, Walter will begin going through emails and making individual adjustments. Thank you for your patience.

12:45 p.m. update: People should be able to email the third- and fourth-year listservs. If you experience a problem, please let Walter know at medlistserv@uw.edu. We will gradually restore listserv service to the first- and second-year listservs during the next hour or so.

11:45 a.m.: We have completed the listserv address rollover with information from the database eValue and from Admissions. At about 12:15, give or take, we expect to lift the freeze and people will be able to send messages to the listservs. We will also start to send out emails on the listservs sharing that the rollover is complete. It would be very normal, with 44 spreadsheets, to have some names missing or misplaced. There may also be situations where you want to be on a listserv besides your default listserv. If you don’t seem to be on a listserv that you should be on, please message medlistserv@uw.edu. Walter is not sure how many messages he will get, so he cannot yet predict response times.

9:30 a.m.: We have begun the migration, so traffic has been suspended on the listservs. We have transferred the new distribution lists for the major listservs, and are now working on the auxiliary listservs. The project involves working with 44 spreadsheets, so it is taking some time. We will send out an email when the work is complete. Thank you for your patience.

June 15, 2022 update

The listserv migration previously planned for an earlier date is now scheduled to take place when data is expected to be available, June 22 to June 27.

If it gets to be June 27 and you feel like you are not seeing messages you should be seeing, or you want to be added to a listserv I might not know you want to be added to, let Walter Neary know: Please message him at medlistserv@uw.edu.

June 2, 2022 update

This message will be going out Friday, June 2, to the main class listservs.

Hi everyone, This is an important notice about this very listserv. The purpose of this note is to alert you that we will  migrate subscribers from one listserv group to another this month. The medical student listservs are tentatively scheduled to roll over June 17 – 22.

I will seek to automatically subscribe students to the listserv pertaining to the class in which they will be enrolled in upcoming academic year – for example, medyr2ad will be reaching this fall’s 2nd year students.

Students are required to be on the list that belongs to their class.  AUX list membership is optional (Please note: this is the only way to receive SIG and service learning emails).

If there is something you want for sure to go out in mid-June to the current listserv lineup, please send it to that listserv by June 15. You may be able to send messages after that, but the migration will eventually switch out student addresses within the listservs.

An apology in advance: There will be 44 spreadsheets involved in what I’m looking forward to as my first listserv rollover. Every time you’re dealing with hundreds of data elements, someone gets dropped or put in the wrong place. If you get dropped or added to the wrong listserv, I apologize. I’m really sorry. Database errors can be a random thing. Please don’t take it personally. I thank you for your patience.

Action items

If you have an important message that everyone needs to see on a particular listserv, I strongly encourage you to send it on or before June 15. Your messages may get through after that, but eventually all of the listservs will have new distribution lists.

If it gets to be June 22 and you feel like you are not seeing messages you should be seeing, or you want to be added to a listserv I might not know you want to be added to, let me know: Please message me at medlistserv@uw.edu. I know how important the listservs are for information-sharing.  I will do my best to get the listservs as right as I can as quickly as I can.

If you want to keep track of this process, do please read the all-student newsletter for updates. I will also be posting live updates on our listserv rollover page that will exist for the life of the migration.

I always welcome feedback about things like this and the student newsletters at wneary@uw.edu. And again, thank you all in advance for your patience,

Walter Neary

Communications specialist, ARRA