MS4 Class Information – May 5, 2022

Join a study about the clinical learning environment 

A message from Addie McClintock, MD (General Internal Medicine): Dear students, we are looking to recruit students who have completed the third-year clerkships for a focus group study. The study will ask you to complete a short survey and participate in a one hourlong virtual focus group thinking about how we change the culture of the learning environment to facilitate growth mindset and in the moment coaching when you are working on your clinical rotations.

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Nandiwada (the PI) at to sign up.  If you have other questions about participation, feel free to email me, Addie McClintock at


Your survey response will help the UW School of Medicine improve. Please take the survey

From Sara Kim, Associate Dean for Educational Quality Improvement: Here are this week’s survey updates.


Response Rates: This week, we are at 57 percent compared to 52.5 percent last week. Thank you to those who took the time to complete the survey!

This week’s kudo goes to Montana students (74.1 percent vs. 48.1 percent last week) and Alaska students (55.6 percent vs. 44.4 percent). These are significant increases given the length of the survey. So, I thank you. Other campuses with steady increase include Spokane (55.6 percent vs. 54 percent), Seattle (55.2 percent vs. 54.2 percent), and Idaho (50 percent vs. 47.5 percent). Wyoming rate remains at 61.9 percent.

AAMC sends the survey link to your email (Contact to request the link). A reminder email was sent on April 1 to your email address. If you need to finish the survey you had started, please use the code the system had generated for you.


  • Four $50 items you select from Amazon
  • Sixteen $25 items you select from Amazon
  • Three $50-value WWAMI gift packs

We will randomly draw student names and if yours is chosen, we will request from you the AAMC receipt of survey completion. Please keep a record of it!


Response Rates: This week’s response rate is 59.7 percent ( an increase of 1.6 percentage points from last week). Every submission counts and will be invaluable to the school so thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. The survey link is sent every Tuesday via email by, and it only takes 10 minutes to complete!


  • Two $50 items you select from Amazon
  • Twelve $25 items you select from Amazon
  • One $50-value WWAMI gift pack

Survey Link:

You have and will continue to receive a survey link directly via email every Tuesday.  Your email address is only used for tracking purposes and your responses will remain anonymous.

Thank you for your time and participation in the surveys.

In case you missed it:

Here is a link to the April 28, 2022 Weekly Student Newsletter information for MS4s.