MS1 Class Information – May 5, 2022

There’s still time to take the survey; many thanks if you have done so

You could win up to a $50 item

A message from Sara Kim, Associate Dean for Educational Quality Improvement: Thank you so much for lifting the response rate to 70.3 percent (It was 63.5 percent last week)! We appreciate those of you who took the time to complete the survey.

Let me begin by celebrating Wyoming students. You are now at 95 percent (up five percentage points)! You may be the first cohort to reach 100 percent if one more person can complete the survey. Now, Alaska students! You raised the response rate to 77.8 percent: an amazing jump of 27.8 percentage points in a week. You are so close to meeting the goal of 80 percent.

Montana and Spokane students: Thank you for continuing to complete the survey (Montana 73.3 percent vs. 70 percent last week; Spokane 71.7 percent vs. 70 percent last week). Lastly, I thank Seattle students for increasing your responses to 66.3 percent (vs. 58.2 percent) and Idaho students to 60 percent (vs. 55 percent). The survey will remain open until May 31.

The survey link is emailed to you directly from Please know we only use your email addresses for tracking survey completion; your responses are anonymous.

Please see the survey incentives below.

We are offering the following incentives via a drawing:

  • Two $50 gifts (Student-selected item on Amazon)
  • Twelve $25 gifts (Student-selected item on Amazon)

Thank you for your help with reaching a response rate of 80 percent.


Career Advising Student Advisory Board – Tip of the Month

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