UW School of Medicine Launches Online Master’s in Healthcare Simulation Education

New Master of Science degree program aims to impact patient care and medical outcomes.

(SEATTLE, WA) The University of Washington School of Medicine’s Division of Healthcare Simulation Science, a unit of the UW Department of Surgery, has launched a Master of Healthcare Simulation Education (HCSE) degree program.

The goal of the HCSE program is to produce graduates capable of impacting and improving healthcare simulation education and research, positively impacting patient care and medical outcomes.

The Division of Healthcare Simulation Science, the only established academic unit of its kind, combines expertise in both the use of simulation in healthcare education, and the conception, fabrication, validation, and commercialization of simulation technology. Under the guidance of this division the HCSE degree program aims to prepare students for a career directly in the field of healthcare simulation science, or in myriad other related fields such as clinical care, medical device innovation and public health.

“Healthcare is a $12 trillion industry worldwide,” said Robert Sweet, M.D., Chief, Division of Healthcare Simulation Sciences at the UW School of Medicine. “Simulation science’s role in the future of healthcare is rapidly growing with impacts in patient care, device design and provider training. Talented students who gain a formal background in this multidisciplinary field will have gained the knowledge and skills to drive this transformation.”

Students pursuing the new degree will gain competencies and skills in healthcare simulation, curriculum development, research methodologies, and adult learning theory. Graduates will be well positioned to lead program development in innovative simulation education and design, disseminate simulation-based educational research, and generate best practices in integrating important skills into training, such as team leadership and communication excellence.

The HCSE MS degree offers a fully virtual, part-time curriculum for busy professionals. To earn the Master’s degree, students must complete 44 credits in the field over the course of 18 months.

For more information visit healthcare-simulation-masters.uw.edu.