UW Medicine Epic Access for Medical Students

To request access for UW Medical Students in the Foundations Phase, and Visiting Students rotating through clinical clerkships, someone with a UW Medicine (AMC) account must submit a UW Medicine (AMC) Account Activation Request Form in order to sponsor the students access for the duration of the activity.

Students should be prepared to provide the sponsor with Legal First and Last Name, UW Student ID, UW NetID, and Cell Phone (used for MFA/DUO), Date of Birth, and Birthplace that are required to submit the form.

The School of Medicine sponsors access for all UW students, during their participation in clinical clerkships.



Students must complete Epic Orders IP/OP training in order to receive ‘Medical Student’ permissions in the UW Medicine Epic system.

Users with the Epic Role of ‘Medical Student’ will be registered for the Epic IP/OP Orders online training. Trainings can be found in the UW Learning Hub.

Students can also search (F1) for any of these specialty training bundles:

  • Medical Student Anesthesia Rotation
  • Medical Student Cardiology Rotation
  • Medical Student Emergency Rotation
  • Medical Student Obstetric Rotation
  • Medical Student Oncology Rotation
  • Medical Student Surgery Rotation
  • Medical Student Epic Go Mobile



You’ll use your UW Medicine (AMC) account to login to UW Medicine clinical systems. You can login to UW Medicine’s SailPoint system to access your account details and password. Instructions on how to change or update your password can be downloaded here.

You can access links to UW Medicine clinical systems on the UW Medicine Clinical Toolkit page.



UW Medicine Help Desk 206-520-2200 / mcsos@uw.edu

Epic Hotline 206-520-2255

SOM ALT Support somaltsupport@uw.edu