What is it?

NameCoach is a tool that allows students, faculty and staff to record name pronunciation and personal pronouns that can be accessible by other students, faculty and staff.

How do I enter my information?

  1. Login to UW Canvas and open a current course. The NameCoach tool is located on the left navigation bar. Select the NameCoach link to open the page where you will create and manage your own content in addition to accessing content submitted by others.
  2. If this is your first time using NameCoach, click on the Record button to open the Edit Your Recording window. This is where you can enter and/or select your personal pronouns, enter the phonetic spelling of your name, and record your name pronunciation.
  3. To choose how you would like to record your name pronunciation you can drag and drop a recorded file, use the web recorder, or receive a phone call from a recording system.

Once you have completed your NameCoach profile, your information will appear in all other UW Canvas courses in the School of Medicine that have turned on the NameCoach menu item. You can edit your submitted information anytime by choosing the NameCoach tool from any UW Canvas course and selecting the Edit This Recording button.

You can access the recording information for other students, faculty and staff by selecting the NameCoach tool in any UW School of Medicine Canvas course. Below your recording pane you will find the submitted recordings that are searchable.

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Where can I go for help?

If you require assistance please contact