Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

See the SOM Financial Aid homepage for updated contact information.

Here is a timeline for 2023-2024: Timeline

The Friday before you begin classes/clerkships.

  • Log on to: MyUW
  • On the right side of the page you will see “Financial aid status” click that link.
  • You should now be on your financial aid page. The left margin will have several links to review, accept, reject, or adjust your award.

For incoming students: In February/March, our office starts downloading and reviewing FAFSA’s.  Award letters will be emailed in early March for those students who are admitted. We do not review any FAFSAs before then.

For current students: We will start to download FAFSA information in December/January.  Award letters will be emailed in early June.

If you file your FAFSA after March and throughout the school year: It typically takes two weeks for us to calculate your award after you submit the FAFSA. Please email if it has been longer than two weeks.

No. Email to let us know how much you’d like to accept and we can update your award.

Yes. Email with the additional amount you’d like to receive before May 31st (end of academic year).

Email and we can adjust your award accordingly.

You’ll need to submit a “Revision Request for Additional Expenses”, which is located on the Forms page. Medical students can add:

  • Student medical and/or dental expenses: We only can consider costs that were not covered by insurance, are non-elective procedures, and are medically necessary during the current academic year. If consideration is desired for elective care, a statement of special circumstances is required. Cost of insurance may be added for the student only.
  • Computer: Loan funds may be awarded to cover the cost of the purchase of a computer (laptop) and a PDA (smartphone, iPad, or tablet), as they are required by the School of Medicine. Financial aid funds for a laptop purchase can only be approved once during your academic career at the UW. Subsequent purchases will not be approved. The maximum amount allowed for a laptop and PDA (smartphone, iPad, or tablet) is $3,000. Printers, software, extended warranties and accessories may also be included in that limit. You may submit revisions for computer repairs/necessary upgrades as defined under the University’s published recommendations for an adequate system. The University discusses computer hardware recommendations on this webpage. This cost is usually covered by Unsubsidized Stafford Loan but may be covered by Graduate Plus loan if you have reached the annual maximum for the Unsubsidized Stafford Loan.
  • Unusual Transportation Costs: You’ll need to explain why you have incurred exceptional costs as part of your educational program. If these costs are associated with maintaining a car, you must first establish why your car is necessary to your educational program. Please provide a written statement explaining this and provide a reasonable estimate of your academic year transportation costs. You’ll need to submit documentation of car insurance and any necessary repair expenses, and list your daily/weekly mileage for your required educational travel. Federal law prohibits awarding federal student aid funds for car payments.
  • ERAS Registration: Fourth-year medical students may add the cost of their ERAS registration to their budget one time.
  • Other: If you have other expenses not listed above, provide your explanation and include documentation of the date of the purchase, cost, and educational necessity of the expense. NOTE: These costs must be educationally related, and therefore, they must be associated with obtaining your degree at the UW.

You can borrow that amount. Email to increase your loans to cover this portion.