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​​​​​​General Resources


Foundations Phase Resources

The following resources support MS 1 and 2 students as they take the first two steps in the career planning process:
Step 1 – Understand Yourself
Step 2 – Explore Your Options


Patient Care and Explore & Focus Phase Resources

The following resources support MS 3 and 4 students as they take the final two steps in the career planning process:
Step 3 – Choose Your Specialty
Step 4 – Prepare for Residency

  • Clinical Rotation Evaluation Worksheet: this worksheets supports self-reflection on each clinical rotation to assist in specialty choice.
  • Personal Statement Worksheet: this worksheet supports brainstorming for Personal Statement development.
  • Advanced Patient Care Clerkships (APCs): In this webinar, Co-Clerkship Directors of the Advanced Patient Care Clerkships, Dr. Susan Merel and Dr. Tomoko Sairenji will answer common questions of the Explore and Focus Phase requirements, describe key terms, how to choose APCs and identify resources.
  • Suggested APC clerkships by specialty: These are suggestions for student preparation for internships and practice from Departmental Career Advisors and Dr. Merel’s and Dr. Sairenji’s knowledge as the clerkship directors of the APC; not intended as suggestions that will strengthen your residency application. Contact your departmental career advisor if you have any questions.
  • Timeline for Residency Application: timeline of when important tasks need to be completed for residency applications.
  • Personal Statement Webinars:
    • Getting Ready to Start Your Personal Statement: This webinar provides a general overview of personal statements, including topics to discuss, format, brainstorming ideas and resources.
    • Writing Your Personal Statement: This webinar dives deeper into content development and organization, tips for successful drafting, effective introductions and conclusions, and techniques for revising and proofreading your work.
  • HOST Program: Help Our Students Travel program, provides fourth-year students with a free place to stay for one or more nights as they travel for residency interviews. Fill out the form on the site when you have confirmed an interview and the alumni association will do its best to find you a place to stay.
  • Residency Interview Folders Library: NEW! This online library contains informational documents from hundreds of residency programs. All materials were collected by UW medical students during their interviews.


Match Information


Specialties, Sub-specialties (Residencies and Fellowships) and Programs


Residency Application Resources​

  • ERAS: Electronic Residency Application Service​
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