Review of SPC Decisions

Dismissal recommendations may be appealed to the DAC and are automatically reviewed by FCAA and the Dean by the process described above. 

Students who disagree with a remediation plan or other action by SPC may request a review meeting. The student must submit a request for review to the ADSA within 10 days of SPC’s decision. At least 7 days before the scheduled meeting with SPC, the student provides, in writing, the reasons that they are requesting review of the decision and what alternative action or remediation would better allow them to succeed in the curriculum. The student may also ask outside parties to submit letters of support. 

At the requested informal review meeting, the student presents their reasons for requesting a review and provides suggestions for an alternative remediation plan. 

One advocate who is a member of the medical school faculty may accompany the student. The presence or appearance of a student’s legal counsel is not permitted because a formal hearing and appeal are not part of the academic review process. 

The decision of SPC following this review meeting with the student is final with no further review within UWSOM or the University. The student may withdraw from UWSOM if they choose not to follow the remediation plan. 

Students who are following a remediation plan set by SPC may petition SPC, in writing, for minor adjustments to their plan. SPC may approve or deny these petitions. 

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  • Technical Standards 
  • Student Conduct 

  • UWSOM Support Services (WPHP)