Traveling During Patient Care

Travel Policy

As promised before you matriculated, here’s your reminder that you will travel during the Patient Care phase of your curriculum:

Clerkship Policy: One of the strengths of UWSOM is the depth and breadth of clinical experiences available to our students. All UWSOM students will travel for some of their rotations providing experience in academic medical centers as well as more rural medical environments. While UWSOM offers several special longitudinal clinical programs (such as tracks/WRITE/TRUST), travel is a part of these programs as well. The travel away from the foundation campus may be for extended periods and are part of the rich education UWSOM provides. Once enrolled, students will be further reminded of this policy when they are planning and submitting requests for their required clerkship schedules. Exceptions to this policy are granted rarely.

You can find that policy and other expectations here.

Help with WWAMI Travel

Does SOM help pay for travel? Where do you live when you are at a site away from home? Important and valuable information about that (and more) is at WWAMI Student Travel .

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