Preparing for E&F Scheduling

Step 1Take a peek at the Guide to Fourth Year Planning for a look at all things E&F, including residency/interviewing/Match, Step 2 CK, WWAMI travel, finances/ funding, and more.Guide to Fourth Year Planning
Step 2Know your academic requirements to graduate. Academic Requirements by Entry YearPro tip: Requirements vary by entry year so make sure you are in *your* entry year.
Step 3See what courses the specialties you're considering recommend. Specialty GuidesPro tip: Not sure what specialties might work for you? Connect with the UWSOM Career Team
Step 4Find course details and descriptions in the UWSOM Explore & Focus Clerkship Catalog.

UWSOM Explore & Focus Clerkship CatalogPro tip: While you're in the catalog make special note of those courses that require permission to take.

Pro tip: The catalog lists courses offered over the last two years, but not every course is offered every year or every quarter. Use eValue (next step) for that.
Step 5Use eValue to find course availability, dates, and locations.eValuePro tip: Need help navigating eValue? Use the Guide .

Pro tip: Not all availability is in eValue, so email the department clerkship contacts to double check.

Pro tip: Use the Explore and Focus 2024-2025 Worksheet to help plan your schedule.
Step 6Work on getting permission for courses that require that.Permission Only CoursesPro tip: We can't schedule permission-only courses without an email from the department. Ask the department clerkship contacts EARLY for permission as this could take several weeks (course contacts are busy people!)
Step 7Using the catalog and eValue, make a list of courses that do not require permission that you want to preference. Start to think about how you would rank them when you preference based on your priorities.Pro tip: Popular courses can fill up fast, so have alternates and be flexible! We'll do everything we can to schedule you into what you want, but we're limited by availability.