Permission-Only Courses

What are permission-only courses?

Permission-only courses require approval from the department before Registration can schedule students for them in eValue. Because they require student-by-student approval, these courses ARE NOT available to preference in EVOS.

The only way to be scheduled for a permission-only course is via department approval.

How do you get approval from a department to take a permission-only course?

Step 1: Check permission requirements in the Clerkship Catalog. To view permission status, right click on the desired clerkship, click “Drill Through,” then select “E&F Clerkship Full Details.” You also may simply filter using the “Permission Only” tab located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2:  Check eValue to view available timeframes.

Step 3:  If permission is required, contact the appropriate Clerkship Administrator (listed in clerkship catalog) as soon as possible to request permission to enroll.

Note: Emergency Medicine: Interested in an EM residency program? You must take MED EM 606 in Spring B, Spring C, Summer A, or Summer B.  Use this survey link to request approval:

Other department clerkship contact information can be found here.

Step 4 Forward any permissions you receive from departments to us at .

What’s the timeline for asking for permission?

Phase 1 start date: Thursday October 12, 2023.

Phase 1 end date:  Technically none, but scheduling assurance date* is Monday October 23, 2023, at 5 PM Pacific.

* What does “scheduling assurance date” mean?

You may continue to make requests and departments may continue to approve after this date, but there is no assurance Registration can get these on your schedule prior to the first EVOS run. This is important so that EVOS knows that a timeframe is “blocked” so that you are not double booked.

What if I miss the scheduling assurance date for Phase 1? 

You may continue to make requests and departments may continue approvals after this date, but there is no assurance we can get these on your schedule prior to the first EVOS run. It’s much better to have those scheduled before the run so that EVOS knows that timeframe is “blocked” with a course already there. If your permission-only course is not on your schedule EVOS will think that timeframe is free and may schedule you into something else.  That said, after EVOS scheduling is complete there will be opportunities to add and drop courses as permissions and availability allow.

After I get permission what do I do? 

Forward any permissions you receive from departments to us at . It’s not enough for the department to approve your request – if Registration doesn’t know you’ve been approved you won’t get scheduled (which means you won’t get a grade, it won’t count toward graduation, etc.).

How do departments determine who gets permission for a course? 

This varies by department, so contact the Clerkship Administrator for information on each department’s criteria.

Can I see all the timeframes a permission-only course is offered?

Not necessarily. Departments don’t always know in advance the availability for permission-only clerkships, so eValue may show no availability. Contact the department Clerkship Administrator to ask about availability for timeframes if you do not see it listed in eValue.

I received a permission but decided not to take the course. Do I need to do anything? 

Yes. Let the Clerkship Administrator know so that they can give that permission to another student.

What if I have other questions about Phase 1? 

Come to drop-in Registration Office Hours. We’ll be happy to chat about Phase 1!

Tuesday, October 17, 6 PM – 7 PM Pacific

Email us: