Open Scheduling: For Current MS 4s Graduating in June 2024

What is Open Scheduling?

 When E&F scheduling appointments with SOM Registration end, you can still adjust your E&F schedule by adding or dropping courses. This process is called Open Scheduling.

How does Open Scheduling work? 
  • You: Check the availability of any course you may want to add
  • You: Use the Clinical Schedule Change Request Form to request a schedule change. (Make sure you hit submit).
  • SOM Registration: Makes the change if possible (see below for more about this)
  • SOM Registration: Emails you to notify you of the change; if the change is not possible, the email lets you know that and the reason
  • You: Verify that the change is correct in eValue

What is the timeline for Open Scheduling?

Start:  Friday 1/27/2023 at 9 AM PST

Requests submitted before this time will be deleted and will not be made.

Close: Dependent upon official course start date as listed in eValue

Drops or adds 6 weeks or less before the official start date of an E&F course require permission from the department clerkship contact. Permission must be received by SOM Registration ( by Friday at noon before the 6 week mark. Hint: To find out the last day you can submit a schedule change request without departmental permission, count SIX FULL WEEKS back from the Monday start date and use the Friday before that. 

I forgot about the form but I emailed/called/talked to (select all that apply): (a) someone in the department (faculty, staff, preceptor) or (b) a dean or director or (c) a staff member I know…and they said ok to my change. That works, too, right?

 No. Only SOM Registration has the ability to make course changes in eValue.

If a course is on your eValue schedule you’re enrolled for it; if a course is not on your eValue schedule you’re not enrolled for it. Departments/deans/and non-SOM Registration staff members don’t have access to the part of the eValue system that makes changes.

Can I register/add/drop E&F courses myself through MyUW?

 No, not E&F courses.

Will SOM Registration honor changes I request via the form?

 If we can.

Some, but not all, of the reasons we can’t fulfill your request include:

  • The course you requested to add is full. We have to make course changes manually, and because courses at this point are first-come, first-served it’s possible that a course you thought had availability when you made your request may have already been in our queue to add for someone else.
  • Your form requests to add a permission-only course but we haven’t received permission yet. Permission-only courses don’t go away when appointments end, so the same process applies as then – email the departmental clerkship administrator and forward their approval email to .
  • You have requested a drop or add 6 weeks or less before the official start date of a course but have not sent us permission from the department clerkship contact to do that.
  • You are asking to add a course that conflicts with another course on your schedule. Note that your request in this case will need to be both a drop and an add.
  • You have an expected graduation date of June 2024 but are requesting to add a course that starts after May 10, 2024. All course requirements to graduate except Transition to Residency must be completed by this date.

How do I see what courses are available?

 See the attached guide or review the clerkship availability in E*Value video.


  • Choose the right Curriculum for the timeframe you need:
    • E&F Curriculum 2022-23 will give you ONLY courses offered Spring 2023
    • E&F Curriculum 2023-24 will give you ONLY courses offered Summer 2023, Autumn 2023, and Winter 2024
  • Use Required Course Group to narrow your search. “EF Clinical Electives” will result in just electives; “Clinical Electives” includes APCs and Sub-Is.

I want to take away rotations. How do I schedule those?

You’ll be getting information about this soon, but the process is the same. After you have formally been accepted to an away rotation and have completed the steps for Special Assignment Elective approval, you can then submit the Clinical Schedule Change Request Form to add your away rotation and make any other changes to your schedule to accommodate the away rotation if necessary.

How do I know if I have scheduled everything I need to graduate?

 Review  your Graduation Audit Report (GAR) by clicking on “Clerkship Graduation Audit” in the Academic Affairs Database Portal. This report refreshes overnight. Enter your Student ID (and no other fields) and hit “View Report.” If you are unable to view the report or get an error message, please try a few different browsers. We’ve been told Google Chrome typically works best. If you continue to have further issues accessing the GAR, contact

Why is this page so long? 

We know, we know. Gold star if you’ve read this far. We would rather you have more information than you need rather than too little too late. We really do want to be helpful.