Improving Your Chances with Preferencing


Preferences should be based solely on your priorities and what is important to you. Preference 1 should be your most important ask, preference 2 your next-most-important ask, etc.


It’s best to be specific with the first few preferences and less specific with preferences further down. For example, if you would prefer Course A in Timeframe B at Site C, that should be your first selection. However, if you really want to get Course A at Site C, then your second selection should be Course A in Any Timeframe at Site C. Doing this means that the optimizer will first try to assign Course A in Timeframe B at Site C, but if this is not possible the optimizer will move on to the more flexible request of Course A in Any Timeframe at Site C.


Actual Internal Medicine (IM) and ObGyn site assignments may vary from what you see as site options. Both departments reserve the right to adjust schedules as needed due to drops and changes in site availability. Students assigned to the Greater Puget Sound area may be moved to a WWAMI site or vice versa. Sites are not finalized until you get your specific hospital/clinic assignments from these departments. Please read Internal Medicine Clerkship Scheduling for important information about that clerkship. OBGyn may also change site assignments based on site constraints and availability.


It is always in your best interest to enter preferences. Not entering preferences does not assign random selections, but rather the leftover courses that no one else selected.