FAQs: All Things Patient Care, EVOS, & Preferencing

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Is it true that I might have to change sites for Internal Medicine (IM) and OBGyn regardless of what I preference?

That’s a possibility. EVOS will schedule you for a time frame for IM and OBGyn, but it does not guarantee the site for those clerkships. Actual IM and OBGyn site assignments may vary from what you see as site options. These departments reserve the right to adjust schedules as needed due to drops and changes in site availability. Students assigned to the Greater Puget Sound area may be moved to a WWAMI site, or vice versa. Sites are not finalized until you get your specific hospital/clinic assignments from these departments. Please read Internal Medicine Clerkship Scheduling for important details about that clerkship.  OBGyn may also change site assignments based on site constraints and availability.

Since Internal Medicine (IM) rotations are 12 weeks in duration, does EVOS automatically schedule both 6 week halves or do I have to double rank IM in order to preference both halves of the rotation? 

EVOS will schedule you for 12 consecutive weeks of IM, so you do not have to rank 6 week halves. Please see above, though, for important details about IM site assignment.

What should I do during the 6-week elective/time off period? Take time off? Take an elective? Study for Step 2 CK?

The answer depends on a lot of things, including when that time is scheduled. Our best advice is to meet with your Career Advisor and/or your Learning Specialist to discuss the best options given your circumstances.

When can I sign up for an elective?

You’ll be able to sign up for electives – or an Advanced Patient Care (APC) or APC Sub-Internship (Sub-I) clerkship- after the Patient Care swap/trade deadline has passed and students’ schedules are finalized. Check your inbox for more information about the elective process in January.

I’m a Track student. How should I enter preferences so that my schedule has 24 weeks at my Track location?

Great question. Your first four preferences MUST be Track selections. That means your first four preferences must be at sites in your Track or be the zone of your Track.

You can absolutely make more than four Track preferences, and almost all Track students (like 99%) do just that. Absolutely.

Your first preference should be what is most important to you in Track, so select clerkship, time frame, and Track site. Your second preference should be what’s next important to you in Track, and so on. As you get close to the bottom of your preference list it should be ok to choose non-Track sites if you’d like.

What happens if one of your first four preferences isn’t at a Track site? EVOS will readjust your preferences to ensure that happens, so save a bit of electricity for the planet and just follow the requirement.

I’m a WRITE student. What about preferencing for me?

WRITE students do not enter preferences – your schedule (including Surgery) has already been built by the Office of Rural Programs. You can contact them for questions at write@uw.edu.

I’m an Olympia LIC student. Do I enter my preferences?

LIC students do not enter preferences – your schedule has already been built by the LIC program.

NEW – Friday 9/29/2023

My partner and I would like to be in same(ish) locations at the same time without much preference for what clerkship we are doing when. How should we preference?

Great question. We reached out to the team at EVOS about this and here’s their reply: “This one is tricky. As a general rule, I would advise not focusing on preferencing time frame preferences and focus more on zone placements for each clerkship. The more specific their preferences, the harder it will be to match them. And, of course, they should coordinate.”

NEW – Tuesday 10/3/2023

I am anticipating it may take me longer than winter quarter to be ready to take Step 1. What should I do about scheduling?

From Heather McPhillips, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Curriculum in an email to MS 2s on Tue 9/19/2023: “For those who anticipate it may take longer to complete Step 1 study (e.g. standardized-test-taking is not a strength; one or more block or thread remediations) we encourage you to submit EVOS preferences for elective/time off for Summer A or B because delays will be less disruptive to your schedules.”