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Advanced Patient Care
An 8-credit clinical experience where students act at an advanced level.

Some (but not all) APC courses are Sub-Is.
APC and Sub-Is
(also referred to as Sub-Is)
A subset of APCs where students function like interns of a particular specialty.

All Sub-Is are APCs.
APC and Sub-Is
Clinical ElectiveA clinical course that may used to meet the number of elective credits required to graduate. Courses must be designated as clinical electives.

Most SOM students must have 40 credits of clinical electives to graduate.
Away Special Assignment ElectiveRotations taken at an outside institution or facility which count as UW SOM clinical elective credit.

Also called away rotations or visiting electives.
Special Assignment Electives

Clinical Electives Policy
WWAMI Special Assignment ElectivesOne-off clinical experiences offered at various hospitals/clinics within the WWAMI region which count as UW SOM clinical elective credit.Special Assignment Electives

Clinical Electives Policy
CreditsA unit of measurement attached to a course.

Course credits may be summed in order to determine whether a student has met the minimum of a specific academic requirement (e.g., number of credits of clinical electives required to graduate) or exceeds a maximum number of credits that may be applied to a degree requirement (e.g., a maximum of 32 credits of E&F elective clerkships in a given specialty may be counted toward the minimum number of clinical elective credits required for graduation).

For SOM clinical courses: 1 week of coursework = 2 credits
Academic Credit Requirements by Entry Year