About course availability

Q.  How does Registration determine how many spots to open per rotation?

A.  We don’t make that decision. The department offering the course determines how many students a specific offering can accommodate based on preceptor availability, location requirements, etc.

About time off during the E&F year

Q. How much time off should I allow in my schedule for residency interviews?

A.  Plan to take off a minimum of 4 weeks and preferably 6-8 weeks for interviews, between October and January. Interview season is specialty specific, so consult the NRMP Program Director Survey data (Percentage of Program’s Interviews Conducted During Each Time Period) and the Specialty Guides for planning purposes.

From the UWSOM Program Handbook:  For residency interviews, students should schedule elective time off. If interviews are offered when students are already scheduled for clerkships, students should work directly with the clerkship director immediately regarding absences for residency interviews. There is no guarantee that any additional time off from the clerkship will be permitted.


Q.  How much time should I take off to study for Step 2 CK?

A.  Most students take off 1 block (4 weeks) in either Spring A, Spring B or Spring C.


Q.  I need to take time off for a life event I know is happening in [insert the dates you need off here]. How do I schedule around that?

A.  If you know you need the [insert the dates you need off here], don’t schedule anything in that block.

About scheduling strategy

Q.  What should I do if I’m interested in Emergency Medicine as a specialty?

A.   If you are strongly considering pursuing EM as a specialty please fill out this Google form https://forms.gle/fc3Ey2JbRRNZP9rx8 [forms.gle] to request permission prior to your scheduling appointment.


Q.  When is the best time to schedule Sub-Is, APCs and electives?

A.   This depends on your specialty, performance in Patient Care, interviews, etc. Some students need letters of recommendation from Sub-Is or APCs, in which case these should be scheduled prior to ERAS opening. Keep in mind which rotations you want to be highlighted during interviews.


Q. What’s the last rotation that will be on my UW transcript in time for residency interviews?

A. Typically, Summer B, however, it depends on when clinical department submits final grades.